Report Round 7

India Maintains Lead After Penultimate Round

India maintained a comfortable two match points 8 to 6.

On the first Board, young Indian Grand Master Aryan Chopra launched his pet English Attack against former World Junior Champion Lu Shanglei’s Sicilian Najdrof Defence. By 11th move, Aryan got Bishop pair and won a pawn on 17th move. Lu Shanglei cleverly exchanged Queen and other minor pieces to reach a Rook + Bishop and five pawns, against Rook + Bishop and six pawns. However, the presence of opposite colour Bishops ensured a draw on the 49th move.

On the second Board, playing the Black pieces in the exchange variation of the Kings Indian Defence, GM Murali Karthikeyan had no difficulty in equalising, after trading of Queens on the 11th move, against Xu Xiangyu. With having no possibility for advantage, both the players repeated after 17th move. As such, three fold repetition of moves resulted by 20th move and the game was drawn as per rules.

On the third board it seems Chinese Grand Master Bai Jinshi refuses to play any thing other than Petroff Defence against 1. e4. Chinese Grand Master Bai Jinshi adopted Petroff Defence against Indian GM Srinath Narayanan. After few exchange of minor pieces, the Queens were exchanged on 24th move. Both the compatriots settled for a draw on the 32nd move.

On the fourth Board former Indian National Junior Champion Grand Master Arvind played Black against Grand Master Xu Yinglun and confronted Ragozin system (Queen’s Gambit Declined : exchange variation). Playing actively and ambitiously, Arvind did not mind having an isolated Queen pawn, in return for a better center control. After forced trading of Queens on the 18th move, it was clear, that the game was heading for a draw, through both tried to test each other till 40th move, and a peace treaty was signed.

Results of Seventh Round

India 2 –  2 China

7.1 2 India 2 – 2  1 China
1 W GM Aryan Chopra 2541  1/2:1/2 B GM Lu Shanglei 2635
2 B GM Karthikeyan Murali 2565 1/2:1/2 W GM Xu Xiangyu 2577
3 W GM Narayan Srinath 2565  1/2:1/2 B GM Bai Jinshi 2566
4 B GM Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. 2579  1/2:1/2 W GM Xu Yinglun 2533

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