Report Round 6

Indian Tigers Cruises into Lead


Indian Grand Masters won a crucial match in the 6th round today and narrowed the lead against Chinese counter part, with the math point of 7 to 5

On Board one, in a unusual Reti opening game Arvind Chithambaram got little better position from opening. However, on 25th move made an error by moving his Rook to d3, which allowed Lu Shanglei excellent counter play by pushing his pawn to f5, Arvind, said later. On 25th move if he had played his Queen to g4 he would have retained initiative. Both the Grand Master agreed to split point after 36th moves.

On the second Board young Aryan Chopra easily prevailed over Xu Xiangu. The Chinese Grand Master opted for the Larsen system, against Kings Indian Defence of Aryan, Xiangyu blundered on 14th move and dropped two pawns in succession. The Indian GM made no mistake in pressing the advantage home in 33 moves.

On the the third Board Murali Karthikeyan confronted the Solid Petroff Defence of Bai Jinshi, who easily equalised in the opening. However, Murali tried to go for win at any cost, by storming his King side pawns. Bai Jinshi defended very well, and after 33rd move, it appeared the Chinese GM was winning with an extra pawn. However, Murali exchanged queens at right time and at right place, to reach an ending with Rook and three pawns verses Rook & 4 pawns on same side. The game was drawn on the 55th move.

The game between Xu Yinglun and Srinath Narayan was a semi-slav game by transposition, where, home work of the Indian gave him a strong initiative. However, on 28th move, instead of the strong move Knight to f5, he erroneously played Knight to f3 check. Which was a mistake. Later Srinath said that, he missed Rook c8 check on the 30th move which led to a forced draw after 36th move.

Results of Sixth Round

India 2.5 –  1.5 China

6.1 2 India 2.5 -1.5  1 China
1 W GM Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. 2579 1/2:1/2 B GM Lu Shanglei 2635
2 B GM Aryan Chopra 2541 1 :0 W GM Xu Xiangyu 2577
3 W GM Karthikeyan Murali 2604  1/2:1/2 B GM Bai Jinshi 2566
4 B GM Narayan Srinath 2565 1/2:1/2 W GM Xu Yinglun 2533


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