Report Round 4

Chinese Dragon Bounces Back


On top Board GM Shanglei launched Spanish attack and faced solid Zaitsev variation. Srinath tried to open up the center early and even offered a piece sacrifice which was declined by Shanglei. Srinath tried to press further with a pawn sacrifice, but the Chinese counter part systematically liquidated pieces one after another and won easily on 49th move.

On second board Xiangyu surprisingly opted for Scilian Lowenthal variation which has very poor reputation. Nevertheless, Arvind could not take Opening advantage. Eventually, the game drifted to a minor piece ending, where Arvind had double Bishop advantage. The Chinese GM defended accurately and drew on 83rd move.

On third Board, in the game between two young Grand Masters Bai Jinshi and Aryan Chopra, the later choose to exchange Queen early and drifted it to a passive position. Bai Jinshi maintained his Small initiative, and manged to place both his Rooks on the 7th rank. To avoid mating attack, Aryan had to concede material and gave up on 36th move.

On 4th Board Murali Karthikeyan chose to play Reti Opening and faced solid London system of GM Xu Yinglun. After a had fold battle, both the compatriots reached a Knight & pawn end game. Neither side had any chance. But the Indian GM Murali stretched too hard for a win and got punished. Xu Yinglun won on 63rd move.

Results of Fourth Round

4.1 1 China 3.5-.5  2 India
1 W GM Lu Shanglei 2635 beat B GM Narayan Srinath 2565
2 B GM Xu Xiangyu 2577  drew with W GM Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. 2579
3 W GM Bai Jinshi 2566 beat B GM Aryan Chopra 2541
4 B GM Xu Yinglun 2533  beat W GM Karthikeyan Murali 2604


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