Report Round 3

India maintains Slender Lead

On Top Board Indian GM Srinath Narayan displayed his subtle Opening preparation against French Defence, Rubinstein variation. However, his Chinese counter part defended stubbornly and both the players agreed to draw on 30th move with a Rook, Bishop and six pawns each.

On second Board Chinese GM Xu Xiangyu preferred to avoid the well trodden path in the Spanish (Berlin) Defence game, where Indian GM offered a pawn sacrifice to play a double edged game with skillful play, Arvind won a pawn. After reaching a Rook and Pawn endgame, Arvind played a precisely and won with accurate play.

On third Board Bai Jinshi opted for the Petroff Defence which was met sharply by Aryan Chopra with Kings castled on opposite wing. Aryan started a pawn storm which was countered well by Bai Jinshi. After the Queens and all the minor pieces were exchanged in regular interval, the Chinese Grand Master was a pawn ahead in a double Rook end game. Finally, the game was drawn after marathon 72 moves.

On fourth Board former Indian Champion Murali followed the game of previous round between Xu Yinglun and Aryan Chopra for nine moves in a Kings Indian Classical game. However, on 9th move the Indian GM varied & played very aggressively. In the middle game, Xu Yinglun turned the table with a stunning exchange sacrifice on 18th move. After a grueling battle with Rook and opposite color Bishop ending, the Indian GM towel on 58th move and soon after resigned.

Results of Third Round

3.1 2 India  2–2  1 China
1 W GM Narayanan Srinath 2565 drew with B GM Lu Shanglei 2635
2 B GM Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. 2579 beat W GM Xu Xiangyu 2577
3 W GM Aryan Chopra 2541  drew with B GM Bai Jinshi 2566
4 B GM Karthikeyan Murali 2604 lost to W GM Xu Yinglun 2533


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